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Therapeutic Teas

Teas offer a rich source of vitamins and minerals, aside from having healing properties, and can be an important part of the daily diet. Some of the most common conditions that respond to drinking tea include: hay fever, colds, and respiratory disorders, digestive disorders, cardiovascular disease, headaches, anxiety, depression, rheumatism, arthritis, skin problems, and menopausal conditions. Please seek a medical professional if you have a health issue or concern.

$28.00 (USD)

This refreshingly cool, minty flavored infusion with citrus undertones can assist you with the discomfort and symptoms associated with allergy season. Consider taking it ahead [...]

$28.00 (USD)

The herbs in this tea are known for the powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.  Excellent for dealing with muscle and arthritic pain.  Contains:  Chamomile, [...]

$25.00 (USD)

Powerful brain tea that improves brain function and memory.  Contains Water Hyssop, Gotu Kola, Scullcap, Ginger and Peppermint.

Sold in 4oz. quantities

$15.00 (USD)

Detox Me will boost your metabolism, immune system, helps to fight damage to cells and improves skin health.  No need to detox for 28 days.  [...]

$28.00 (USD)

This cooling and slightly astringent infusion blend is helpful in soothing those hot “power surges” often associated with menopause. This herbally tasty tea is also [...]

$18.00 (USD)

An all-around tonic and balancer just for men. This healthy decoction was created for the general health of men both young and old. Contains: Organic [...]

$28.00 (USD)

A blend of elderberries, rosehips, cinnamon and ginger root.  This tea is chock full  of immunity boosting herbs.  A must have for the cold and [...]

$25.00 (USD)

Beat those “down in the dumps” feelings with this wonderful and great tasting infusion. Blended with botanicals known for their mood boosting effects; this tea [...]

$28.00 (USD)

We call this Sleep Like A Rock because it works so well relaxing your body.  Contains:  Chamomile, Scullcap, Catnip, Wood Betony and Spearmint.

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