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We absolutely love Tea Craze! We’ve had such great experiences with the tea.
The weight loss tea is delicious and does a fantastic job!
The sleep like a rock tea I’d recommend to ANYONE with ANY kind of sleep issues. Restlessness, sleep walking, nightmares, tossing & turning, waking up all hours of the night, etc. It’s so relaxing and truly works wonders! It’s the best natural sleep remedy I’ve tried and it’s now the only thing I use!
I’d definitely recommend Tea Craze to anyone and everyone interested in great tasting tea with extra healthy & effective benefits!
We usually shop the farmers market if we’re out or the online ordering is so awesome whenever we need a refill!
Love this place(: don’t go anywhere else for my tea now.   Samantha


will keep going back for more!!! “Sleep Like a Rock” is without a doubt the best solution for any sleeplessness, my husbands mind would race all night because he’s a worrier, but one cup of this tea an hour before bed and he can finally sleep all night! have tried 2 or 3 other blends as well and love them all! Thank you Tea Craze!   Debbie


My fiance and I are trying the weight loss tea before our wedding in November. So far, we love it and we are noticing the difference! Looking forward to trying more of your Tea! 🙂  Tamara


I am extremely happy! I brought the weight lost tea on February 7th… I weight my self this morning n lost 4lbs! Thank you Karen    Taina