Organic, Kosher and Therapeutic Loose Teas!


$15.00 (USD)

Detox Me will boost your metabolism, immune system, helps to fight damage to cells and improves skin health.  No need to detox for 28 days.  [...]

$12.00 (USD)

This luxury blend of Lime and Lemon pieces, Hibiscus, Rosehips, Apples, Peppermint and Lime leaves.  Indulging in a cuppa of this tea is like partaking [...]

$14.00 (USD)

The Bohemian Raspberry Loose Leaf Green Tea is a delicious blend of Sencha style green tea with natural raspberry,  and Japanese Sencha.  Sencha  is typically [...]

$12.00 (USD)

The Lavender  Green Tea  is a blend of soothing lavender and Chinese green tea. The cup is exemplary with notes of sweet grass, moss and [...]

$12.00 (USD)

The Cucumber Melon Green Tea  is a healthy, thirst-quenching drink with exceptional flavor. Green tea is known to quench the thirst, similar to water. Add [...]

$14.00 (USD)

This incredibly smooth and festive brew will melt away your troubles, allowing you to experience a mellow mood and lots of clean energy.  The organic [...]

$20.00 (USD)

Enjoy your favorite tea on the go with this Double Insulated Infuser Travel Tumbler. Features a thread on, sip through lid with open/close dial. Double [...]

$14.00 (USD)

This blend of the exotic flavor of Brazilian Guava with the finest Ceylon tea available on the market results in a pleasingly astringent cup with [...]

$28.00 (USD)

Cultivated in China’s Fujian Province is known for its sweet cup with a fragrant orchid finish. Rich in Antioxidants has been shown to promote weight [...]