Organic, Kosher and Therapeutic Loose Teas!


Tea Craze Presents Tea Discovery Classes

Children’s Tea & Etiquette Class

Kids love tea! In this class we explore teas from around the world and steep three –in traditional cultural ways–to enjoy! There are some traditional tea foods we taste with our tea. Participants learn about white, green and black teas, as well as rooibos and fruit teas. We spend time with proper table setting and [Read more…]

Men Only Tea Blending Class

Real men do drink and blend tea! Have you ever wanted to blend your own signature tea? These really fun and interactive workshops let you create your own personal flavored tea blend. There are separate blending classes for black teas, green and white teas, and herbals. We’ll discuss the basics of blending then set you [Read more…]

Experience Black Teas

Here is where you really learn the difference between the black tea from a tea bag and the magnificent single origin teas from China, Sri Lanka and India. We’ll explore how black tea is made and the history of black tea (legend has it…it was a mistake). You’ll try different flushes of the same tea [Read more…]