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Tea Craze Presents Tea Discovery Classes

Join us for The Health Benefits of Tea and Tasting

Date/Time: Tuesday, February 13, 2018 @ 6:30pm Location: Southwest Library (Dr. Phillips Branch) 7255 Della Avenue Orlando, FL Call 407-835-7323 to reserve your seat. Instructor: Karon Cannon, Tea Sommelier

What is Tea? Introductory Class

Our introduction to tea where you will learn what tea is, where tea is grown and produced, and how tea becomes white, green, oolong, black and pu’erh. You’ll learn the difference between tea and tisane (and does it matter?). We’ll taste teas from the top five tea producing Asian countries: China, Taiwan, Japan, Sri Lanka [Read more…]

Experience Black Teas

Here is where you really learn the difference between the black tea from a tea bag and the magnificent single origin teas from China, Sri Lanka and India. We’ll explore how black tea is made and the history of black tea (legend has it…it was a mistake). You’ll try different flushes of the same tea [Read more…]

Experience Green Teas

Have you found a green tea you truly love? I’m sure we have one for you. Explore the world of green teas from China, Japan and Korea. Each of the three countries has very different green tea styles, but all are magnificent. You’ll visit the process that keeps green tea…well, green! You’ll learn many of [Read more…]

Custom Tea Blending Workshop

Have you ever wanted to blend your own signature tea? These really fun and interactive workshops let you create your own personal flavored tea blend. There are separate blending classes for black teas, green and white teas, and herbals. We’ll discuss the basics of blending then set you free to blend your favorite flavors using [Read more…]